Boat Importation

Boat Importation

An import permit for the trailer and or Vehicle is required, from the Federal Department of Infrastructure. You do not need an import permit if boat comes on a cradle.  An import permit is not required for a Boat, Vessel, Jet Ski’s etc.

If the boat is NZ or USA made you will NOT pay Import Duty under various Free Trade Agreements, but you have to pay GST.  Boats imported from most other countries, you will have to pay Australian Import Duty and GST. Australian Import Duty is 5 % on vessels / boats under 150 m/t Gross Construction Weight Over 150 m/t Gross Construction Weight is Duty Free.

Documents required by the ACS for customs procedures are as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice detailing goods shipped
  • Evidence of Money Price Paid
  • Bill of Lading Copy
  • US Title documents
  • AQIS Packing Declaration (if in container)

All second hand vehicles/boats/vessel/trailers will be inspected by Australian Quarantine upon arrival. If you are going to get a wooden/timber cradle made make sure the timber is treated timber and is stamped accordingly with ISPM 15 and that you have treatment certificate.

If your boat is an open boat being shipped as RO/RO (Roll On/Roll Off), we suggest industrial strength coloured cling film to cover the boat. Why? If a potential thief can’t see any accessories they are less likely to steal any accessories. An unwrapped boat leaves loose items for the taking.  When it turns up in Australia, AQIS can see that the boat is clean, free of debris and pass your boat. If you have used a tarpaulin or boat cover quite often they have been tampered with which means debris has found its way inside the boat and you will be up for cleaning and AQIS re-inspections

A brand new boat is one that was manufactured, built and shipped out of the overseas country within 90 days.

The Commercial Invoice and Packing List will have to show the manufacturing or production date and the ships bill of lading or waybill will have the date the ship left the overseas port.

Australian Customs Service (ACS), Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DOTARS) and Quarantine (AQIS) requirements for Importing Boats.

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